bookmark_borderTips For Purchasing The Perfect Office Chair

With the growth of the home office and small businesses the need for high quality office equipment is on the rise.  When we walk into an office supply store to look around, we can run out screaming at the prices of some of the equipment that is a necessary component to every home office.  One of the big questions we need to answer is should we buy new or pre owned office chairs?

The look

pre owned office chairs

For those running a small home office the look of the chair probably isn’t as important than if it were in a public office or workspace.  With this option not as important you can get a good chair with some scratch and dents for only a few dollars compared to a brand-new chair.


Make sure that you find a chair that will support your weight.  If you don’t find a char that supports your weight, then the wheels and bottom bar will break.  If you are putting too much pressure on plastic wheels, then you will have issues moving around the office.

Plastic mat

Look for a plastic mat that is large enough to cover a good section of your floor.  If you are on a carpeted floor this is a necessity.  If you are on hardwood or a plywood floor, then this isn’t as important.  The plastic matt will help create a surface where the wheels can run smoothly.

Your posture

Test out chairs.  Don’t purchase the first one you see nor should you jump into any purchase.  The true test of any office chair is how you and your back feels after a day or a week or regular use.  Remember, that the chair will be your main piece of equipment that you use for your work.  You will be in it all day; you will be getting up and moving around.  If the chair doesn’t feel right, then you need to make a decision quickly.  Failure to do so can end up in a sore back and lost work.